but it’s a good hurt…

6 May

I’m sitting here this morning with the worst headache known to man. I took some aspirin, so it should go away soon. I hope. It’s my own fault for drinking 32975239582375 beers and 2 shots last night, or something like that. . . . Including ONE coors light, which you will almost never see me drink.

Oh, yeah, the important part. . .  Last night we went to see Hellyeah at the Palladium.  Papa Roach was there too, but we don’t talk about that in the more hardcore circles. The two opening bands were okayish, but Hellyeah put on a super duper show. . . including Cowboy Way and Stampede, which are both on the album they are about to release in July. Everyone should definitely swoop on over to their myspace and check out Cowboy Way, and I believe it may still be available as a free download if you are on their mailing list. Just sayin’. I have a very lucky friend who gets to go see them again this weekend in Arkansas. I’m jealous.

I could continue to pretend to be far cooler than I really am, or I could openly admit that I was caught on more than one occasion last night dancing around and probably singing along with Papa Roach. Yup. There you have it. That was me bopping around the very serious group of metalheads who asked me once or twelve times if I really knew the words to that song.

Sho’ ‘Nuff.

I met some pretty spiffy people last night, too. . . If you happen to be one of them and you encounter me and I don’t remember your name, please remind me. I drink a lot, and I also meet a LOT of people.

All in all, it was a GREAT beginning to concert season, and I am really looking forward to this summer and all the great shows!! This weekend is actually really busy, too. I need to find a way to post a calendar on here, so if anyone has any input on that, I will gladly accept it. . .

Anyway, tonight I am at Sam’s Trouble, which is a little bar over in west Fort Worth where I bartend. You should definitely come see me on Thursdays and check it out. Tomorrow (Friday night) I will be at the Happy Armadillo in Everman to see Whiskeydick, and then Saturday I should be at Rock Dogs to see Sedated, China Kills Girls, and another band I am too lazy to verify right this second. Bad Katie. Sunday is Whiskeydick at Rock Dogs (and Mother’s Day!!!), and that begins a whole new week. Whew!! 

I will check back in soon. Really. I’m trying to make a point to blog at least three times a week. You all should, too. Do I have any stalkers? Do any of my stalkers have blogs? Let me know, so I can return the favor!!

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