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9 Aug

This is a post that is mostly for back story. I have three blogs already ready to be posted, but none of them make sense without any further information.

For those who may have missed it, I moved to rural Oklahoma a month ago.

Most people who have known me over the past several years know Promoter Katie, Party Katie, Rock-n-Roll Martha Stewart Katie, Bar Manager Katie, or Pink Sparkly Katie.


There is also a Country-fied, chicken Fried, Boot-Wearing, Gun Toting, Cow Feeding, Redneck Katie.

I had actually kind of forgotten she was there, and how much fun it can be. Since I have been here, I have hand-fed calves, provided horses with snacks, helped frame out a barn, gone shooting, gone fishing, battled spiders, stalked a coon dog, and a bunch of other things I am sure I have left out.

I like it here, but there are also a lot of things I miss, like whataburger, real beer, bars that serve liquor, live music, real Mexican food, Margaritas, Shiner Bock, my friends, and the ability to procure just almost anything I could ever possibly want at almost any time of day.

It’s definitely culture shock, and I am adjusting, slowly but surely. All y’all have to do is sit back and enjoy the shenanigans!

Here we go!!!

A Day In The Life….

5 Jun

I have been seeing a lot of posts lately about how promoters make far more money than they should be when they book bands and how promoters should not be making any money off bands and various incarnations of those ideas….

I thought about it, and while I know what my peers and I do on a daily basis, I doubt most “normal” folks do, so here’s a rundown of a “normal” day for me.

I wake up, potty, brush my teeth, feed my cat, then I stumble through the house to my “office” to start my day. Along the way, I will usually stop in the kitchen and grab a protein bar and energy drink. I log in, in order, to facebook, reverbnation, twitter, my 3 email accounts, my calendar, and various organizational apps and sites that I use.

I check emails, I respond to questions about booking and promotions ranging from what time load-in might be to where the venue is located and what set times are to drink specials and who is bartending. I check in with the band we manage and usually send out an update email to my partners.

I check up on bands I have booked on shows to see if any band members are sick or injured, and if the band is promoting the show they are booked on.

By this time, I have usually managed to consume both the protein bar and the energy drink and I am prepared to actually SPEAK to people.

Throughout the afternoon, I will follow up on phone calls and emails from other booking agents and promoters, venue owners and managers, band management, bands looking to book, bands already booked, bands seeking management, the bands we actually manage, promoters I am working with on shows, my partners in crime, live sound engineers, recording engineers, my grandmother, and the occasional interview for a “real” job.

In the event that I am working closely with another promoter or venue manager, that can entail several phone calls per day.

Also, as a part of the TorchCast  on WhiskeyBoy Radio, I spend a few hours a week looking for, researching, and creating podcast content, and several hours bossing people around and begging for a sidekick/assistant.

In between all this, I am checking calendars for other promoters, other local venues, national concerts, school schedules, holidays, and band schedules. 

At this point, I will usually get up, do some housework, grab another protein bar and another energy drink and get back to “work.”

Evenings are usually consumed with phone calls with venue folks and preparation for any variety of things.

On a show day, or a day on which I have a show booked as Sawed-Off Productions, RYA Entertainment Group, or both, I get ready to go out and head to the venue so that everything will be ready to go and has been coordinated with everyone at the venue before load-in, which is usually 6 pm. I will stay at the show, or between shows that might be booked, until the last band loads out, which means at least a 9 hour day just IN the venue.

On weekend nights when I do NOT have a show booked, I like to make it a point to get out and network. I try to get out and see bands that I know and like, as well as bands that have been recommended to me by friends or peers, and I often try to stop by shows put on by friends in the industry. I scout new bands, meet other promoters, meet band members, catch up with musicians I haven’t seen, meet venue management, and leave promo material everywhere I go.

If I’m lucky, the show or shows I was at happen to be in Deep Ellum, and I can have breakfast at Cafe Brazil, where I load up on more caffeine for the hour-plus drive home.

Once I get home, which can be anywhere from 3 am to 5 am, I scan the social networks to see what people have to say about the shows that just happened, as well as to promote for any upcoming shows I might have.

By this point, it is somewhere around 6 am, so I go to bed…. Hoping that no one calls me before noon.

That, however, is a rarity, and I am usually up by around 10 am.

I absolutely, 100%, thoroughly and completely love what I do, and I think I have the best life there is… .

But you might want to think twice before you want to say I don’t DESERVE to be paid for the work I do.


D’s Quershions….

9 May

Lots of stuff has been going on and I got distracted by many shiny objects, and so what happened was…

I haven’t been posting.

You CAN, however, see what I have been up to by checking out RYA Entertainment Group!!!

Anyway, Deanna is a band manager and all-around promo girl here in DFW… Here’s a pic of the two of us together:


Here is her take on local music and a few other crazy things!!



What first made you want to get involved in music? it’s the only thing that made me feel sane

What was your first concert? the 1st concert i remember was the Nixons…funny story…my friend left his ID at home so we had to watch from outside the fence. it was between 2 buildings in deep ellum…the back of the stage was to the fence & Zac saw us all standing out there after his set…made a point to talk to us over the fence…and i asked Zac Malloy if i could have his shoes…

Best concert? all of them

Worst concert? there was this one time at Billy Bob’s where this country legend could not finish a song to save his life…but i won’t say it was the worst…just the hardest to sing to

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands? really? you asking moi the next 2 questions…have you lost yer damn mind, woman? mainstream? is TOOL & Ministry mainstream? Rob Zombie…because i am the sickest bubblegum & a living dead girl AFI Finger 11 ooh ooh… i freakin love, LoVe, LOVE Flo Rida, Ludacris, Pharell, LL Cool J, Pink & Maroon 5 Jesse Dayton & the Hard Chargers…or Jesse in Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures… i swear to peaches, one day i will have an october show with him & the mistress there and i can never leave out…BOWING FOR SOUP

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands? well… FLICKERSTICK will always have my heart…my broken heart since they are no longer…did i mention i have both versions of “Welcoming Home The Astronauts” & the 1st edition is signed?  (Brandin Lea, go pay your tab at the Wild Rooster if you have not done so…) BOWLING FOR SOUP Revengeance Deaf Angel Waiting for Tim The Rocky Lott band Foggy Posse Opium Symphony Kennedy (& not just because my home skillets are in this band…because they absolutely rock my hype-r socks!) Messer Rabbit’s Got the Gun Joey Green Secret of Boris Pulse Faded Grace Red Angel Theory EoI P-town Skanks there are a lot, LOT more but i am sure katie was not going for the longest interview record here (you should all be hApPy because i properly capitalized your names…i think)

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons? i have maracas!? oh, oh… does the sound a jello shot makes when it comes out of the cup count as music? noooot really any talent that i know of, no one ever said “girl, your car singing voice is amazing!” so i figured it wasn’t…that is why i play the management/personality game

How long have you been active in the local music scene? professionally about 3 years free labor for my friend’s bands…about 15 years

What prompted you to get involved in local music? my friend’s bands… i seem to mesh well with the band folk

What prompted you to get involved with booking, promo and management?

Waking Alice Brandon (soon to be “A Cold Tomorrow” Brandon…)duct taped me to his rig in their jam room & played Rush music til i said i would help them…i lasted 2 songs… i have an awesome head for business & that was the best way for me to ride around in vans without being called a groupie

How many shows would you say you have seen? 211 give or take

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Boy shorts? clean….and anti granny panty i keep my sh*t classy

What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone you didn’t like?

well….i took their sprinkler heads off, put dish soap in & screwed SOME of them back on…the rest i threw over a fence… i drew little smiley faces all over the car windshield with toothpaste i burned a few articles of ugly clothing i koolaid dyed a white teddy bear blue i saran wrapped a van i drank the orange juice out of the container, put it back in the fridge & didn’t tell anyone. i also threw away the old food in the fridge… followed by organizing the storage containers & then recycled the ones that didn’t have lids… oooh wait…YOU SAID SOMEONE I DIDN’T LIKE…my bad

What was the best show you ever put together? Rabbit’s Got the Gun…twice The Trailer Trash Bash featuring Thunderosa The most morally rewarding show was The Hope for Tiny hearts benefit featuring Scott Copeland, Rocky Lott Band & Crossing Texas

The worst? any day doing shows is better than being stuck at a regular job…the end

Where do you see TX Hype Girl going in the next year? Five years?

ummm, follow me on foursquare…. in the next year…to a tattoo parlor to get some ink i would also like to have my hot little hands in partnership with a clothing company in some way shape or form…i have ideas that i would like to see in fabric

in the next 5 years…everywhere!

  What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW? how far i have to drive to get home i am just hoping the future includes a crash pad in the vicinity of deep ellum

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes? that i get to be a part of it

Do you like sushi? absofreakinlutely…well, most of it…i don’t eat food with tentacles…

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of seeing shows, writing,promoting, managing & booking? spare time? bwahahahaha….in my spare time i work while watchin netflix & drinking well Svedka or Sailor Jerry’s…

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out??? um, is this a trick question???

April 24th at Tomcats West…Affiance in a Deaf Angel & Revengeance sandwich…this show is going to A-freakin-mazing!!!

Deaf Angel May 5th at Hat Tricks


Waiting For Tim May 5th  at Six Flags

Revengeance April 18th Acoustic at Boiler Room

April 13th Rocky Lott Band at Cutting Horse

May 5th Rocky Lott band pulls double duty…Mayfest 2-5 pm & Schooner’s 10-2

Are you aware that sometimes you are absolutely hilarious?

well considering i want to be a stand up comedian someday when i grow up…and my netflix queue is full of stand up…no…i really don’t find me very amusing at all…as a matter of fact me & myself had a talk about that last night…

How the hell did you get hooked up with Sawed-Off Productions? awww hell…do i really have to say it? facebook…

If you had a super power, what would it be? i like to think i have all kinds of super powers did you know i spit glitter? but if you mean a real one…then i would fly bc gas is just too damn expensive & it is probably good exercise…

How did you first discover what a donkey show is? you mean like Shrek? or Hee Haw?

Links to all of your pages???

how about SOME of my web sites


How much money would it take to get you to act as manager, publicist, and drinking babysitter for both Katie Boyd and Matt Blake? both of you???? a LOT…buy a lottery ticket…oh, there would have to be life insurance involved and a car with driver because you 2 look like kickers


…..And there you have it, folks!!

RYA Celebs????

10 Apr

So I was prompted by a conversation with Jordan and Matt to look up our celebrity look-alikes…. Actually, here it is.

This started it all.

Since Matt was very concerned about looking like Jay Leno and had threatened to leave the interwebs once and for all, I decided to check. Here are the results:

WhiskeyBoy Blake

No Jay Leno here...

Jordan-Tron 5000

This one was my favorite.

 The One and Only Fluffy

I don't see it.

So, there you have it. If you think you see Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Drew Barrymore at a local rock show, it is probably one of the RYA crew.  By the way, you probably need to go check out RYA Entertainment Group and then go “like” us on facebook.

Bustin’ Out Quershions With Buster

6 Apr

When I was looking for people behind the scenes in local (and national) music to interview, one of the people at the top of my list was Buster O’Keefe, the owner of The Rail Club in Fort Worth. Buster is one of the very few venue owners who play a HUGE part, not only in day-to-day operations of the club, but also in the bands that grace his stage. The Rail Club has hosted bands such as Hank III, Down, Fear Factory, and Turbid North, along with many local metal legends and events such as War of Rock. Buster was gracious enough to answer my questions and give a little background on what drives him and The Rail, so here we go….

What first made you want to get involved in music?

I’ve always loved the music scene, back in the 80’s I supported a band called Sweet Savage with Joey C. Jones.

What was your first concert?

My first concert was Elvis Pressley back in the 70’s at the Fort Worth Convention center.

Best concert?

The best concert was Down at The Rail Club September 2011 for our first Anniversary.

Worst concert?

Haven’t really seen a bad concert.

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands?

Down, Hank III, Crowbar, Eyehategod

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands?

Warbeast, Rigor Mortis, Turbid North, Love Stricken Demise, 100 Proof Hatred, Black Dutch Sioux to name a few, I can’t list them all, there’s so many I like that are awesome bands.

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

Can’t sing, lol played a guitar a little years ago.

How long have you been active in the local music scene?

Back in the 80’s I supported a band and went to shows at Savvys and other places around the metroplex. I got back into it in 2010 when I opened The Rail Club.

What prompted you to get involved in local music?

There’s a lot of really good bands around the metroplex to see.

What prompted you to open a venue?

I’ve always liked the club business, back in the 80’s I had a couple of Topless bars. I use to go to the Ridglea Theatre and watch shows there and as I learned more about the bands that were playing and found out that a lot of them didn’t get paid for playing the way the Ridglea paid bands I decided to open a club and make sure the bands were paid for their performance. Most clubs would pay the bands after they brought 20 people and then it wasn’t that much, I came up with paying the bands $7.00 a head regardless of how many people came to see them play. This is how The Rail Club came about.

How many shows would you say you have seen?

No idea!

Who was your favorite band you have had play the stage at the Rail?

Down & Hank III

Where do you see The Rail Club going in the next year? Five years?

Right now the business is really tough, hopefully the economy will pick up and everyone get’s back to work and can afford to go to weekly shows. We are working towards bringing the best Bands available to the club in the future for all of the fans.

What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW?

I would like for everyone that comes to a show to support all of the bands playing on that particular night and not leave after their favorite band plays, all of the bands need everyone’s support and the Venue needs all of the fans support to stay in business.

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

I hope that all of the fans keep supporting the local scene and keep it alive around the metroplex.

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???

April 14, Brad Burgess B-Day, w/ Rigor Mortis, April 21, 2012 is Bruce Corbitt and Jeanna Jennings Metal Wedding at The Rail Club.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

If I had a super power I would want to heal people of any disease they had.

You can check out The Rail at the following links:

WEBSITE (with full concert calendar!)


What’s Good About Good Friday???

4 Apr


Well, this year, it is Good ROCK Friday!!

It’s been a few months since I dedicated an entire post to a show I was working on, but I am so stupid excited about this Friday, April 6, that I felt the need to share the info and some things about each of the bands with THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

You are welcome.

This Friday, Sawed-Off Productions  and WhiskeyBoy Radio (our partner in crime) will be presenting Good Rock Friday at The Ranch Bar & Grill in Arlington, Texas.

Black Dutch Sioux will be headlining this show and I have to admit that I am in lurve with this band. Something I rarely admit is that when I REALLY like a song, I am one of those people who can listen to it on repeat. For days. In this case, it has been WEEKS. If you would like to share in my fanatical stalkerism, and I HIGHLY suggest that you do, you can check out their music on Reverbnation HERE. Their song “Filthy” happens to be my favorite thing ever in the history of the world right now, so please hurry up and go listen to it 94,867 times so that you can share in my joy.  I am so stoked to see these guys live that my head just might explode before Friday actually gets here. You should also click HERE to go find them on facebook and click that happy little like button so that you can follow them on all their awesome adventures.

My Last Nerve has undergone some lineup changes and is playing their first show in MONTHS, this time with the addition of a new lead guitarist. They have assured me that they sound even more fierce than ever. You can check them out on facebook HERE and on reverbnation HERE.

12 Gauge Warning has been around for several years now, and they just keep getting better and better. These guys put on a great live show and have an awessome stage energy. I haven’t seen them since February, so I am pretty tickled to have them on this show! You can check them out on facebook HERE and on Reverbnation HERE.

Kauztik is fairly new on the local rock scene, but they have rapidly made a name for themselves! Spawned from Over Odds, one of my favorite bands to have played Hot Licks, Kauztik knows the ropes and they are blowing up the DFW rock scene! These guys are all over the place and never disappoint when it comes to putting on a great show! I’ve been running into these guys EVERYWHERE! You can find them on facebook HERE and on Reverbnation HERE.

Aristoscat is one of my favorite local acts, and you can read what I said about them previously HERE and HERE. They are awesome, they are hilarious, and they wear suits and dresses. I believe I have previously said that I am pretty sure they are the dapperly dressed love children of Desi Arnaz and Scott Ian. If I didn’t, then I am now. If I did, then I meant it then too! These folks have gone through some lineup changes and their new bass player is not only HILARIOUS, he is also brave enough to “Go John Wayne on a pony hating son of a bitch!” Oh, and he also fits insanely well with Aristoscat’s very original style. Go check them out on facebook HERE and Reverbnation HERE.

As if the Rockin’ Ass lineup was not exciting enough by itself, there will be a gagantinormous annoucement made at this show that will set the Texas live music scene on its ear. (How DOES something get set on its ear? I mean, if I am ON my ear, then I am laying down, which means I probably got knocked over.) Okay, so get yourselves out to the Ranch, which is located at 701 106th Street in Arlington. While you are waiting for all that greatness, go watch for fun things from Sawed-Off Productions, WhiskeyBoy Radio, and The Music Enthusiast. Do it. You will be glad you did.

See you Friday!!!!!!!!

P.s… I am totally offering up open mouth kisses from WhiskeyBoy himself for everyone who buys me a drink. Or I will protect you from his mouth fungi. Your choice.

Next Quershion… With Theron

2 Apr

The previous interviews in my “Quershions” series have all been with people who are involved in the music industry on the local level, dealing, for the most part with musicians and bands who are local to DFW. This time, I was able to get some very interesting answers from Theron, who is kind of a big deal. Really. He is. I promise. He happens to live in the DFW area, and I happen to know him, so I was fortunate that he agreed to answer these questions.

Most of them.

Bands, there is some VERY good information in his answers, so look past what you might think to be an attitude and learn something, y’all!

What, exactly, is your job title, aside from The Fantabulously Spectacular Theron?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not a word.

And I don’t technically have a “job”, but the services I offer my clients are; Promoter Representation, Production Management & Concert Audio.

But usually not at the same time, unless you have shit tons of cash. I also offer consultations and direction in Artist Development,

securing Management & Representation Agreements and contracting with National Agents.

What was your first concert?

Judas Priest

Best concert?

All of them because they’re all concerts. Doesn’t matter. They’re all incredible at this point.

That, and they all pay really well. My favorite is when I look up and there are thousands of

people that would pay lots of money to be standing where I am while

I’m being paid lots of money to stand there. The universe is an amazing “place.”

Worst concert?

No idea but probably something local, years ago. God I have a hard time listening to local talent (or complete and total lack there of).

I’m not saying there are no good local bands, I just haven’t seen one in a loooong time.

Most local bands are local because they’re not very good. If they were good, they wouldn’t be local. Get it?

But at the same time, extremely relevant perception is. And it takes more than being good to rise above.

The problem with getting a local band off the ground is that there are musicians running the business.

The ones smart enough to figure out how to do it aren’t any good so they go nowhere.

And the ones that are good enough to go somewhere aren’t smart enough to get it off the ground. It’s a left brain/right brain thing.

Management is so important to any business. Don’t bullshit yourself. If you’re in a local band and you say you’re doing it just for the music

And you don’t want to do it for money you’re a fucking liar. Bullshit. You’re only saying that because you can’t make any money at it.

Not that you can’t, but that you aren’t’. You can. I promise. There are billions of dollars made in music every year. It’s not as difficult as you’re making it.

Sorry, what was the questions? Never mind. Next question.

Who are some of your favorite bands?

TOOL, The Better Death, Brett Dennen,  Misfits, The Features, Sublime, Joshua James, NWA, Ween, Ratatat, Slayer & Patsy Cline.

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

I can fuck it up pretty good on an oboe. And I’m bad ass on a celeste, too. I also play the harp, but not very well.

How long have you been active in the music industry?

Professionally, 17 years this month.

What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone you didn’t like?

I rubbed a mic on my balls before I gave it to Frank Caliendo for a stand up set. It made me laugh..

It’s not that I didn’t like the guy, I had never heard of him, but my buddy Dustin was at FOH and he didn’t like him. So…

That, and I killed a guy with a broken broom handle once, but he was being a total douche.

What prompted you to get involved in music?

The Music.

What prompted you to get involved with the business side of things?

The Money.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to “make it” in music?

My only advise would be the same to all in existence; il segreto.

That- and never forget; it’s not the Music Friendship…

How many shows would you say you have seen?

I average about 3 events a week. Each event has between 1 and 20 performances.

Let’s average low at about 4. That’s 12 a week. 52 weeks in a year, that’s around 625 a year

for the past 17 years, so… just over 10,000.

What was the best show you ever put together?

I don’t technically “put shows together”, that’s a promoter. I cause events to function correctly.

That kind of sounds like I’m being a dick, but that’s probably because I’m kind of a dick.

Next question.

The worst?

Something local I’m sure.

Next question.

What is one thing you wish would change about the music industry?

If it wasn’t for the musicians and the cables, this business would be great.

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

The fact that people can’t download a live performance. That I like.

Do you like sushi?

Not so much. If sushi were a street taco from Fuel City I would like sushi. But it is not.

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of work?

I actually have a good amount of free time, because; I work about three days a week and I don’t watch TV or play video games,

I don’t like sports, I don’t network socially and I don’t have plants or pets or a girlfriend.

I like to spend time with various ladies and make my money make money. Nothing makes money like money.

Other than the Ladies and Money, I like guns. Lots of guns.

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???

Nope. Don’t come out. See if I give a fuck.

Next question.

Are you aware that sometimes you are absolutely hilarious?

I am. Next question.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I’d like an alternate fuel source for this body. Maybe something solar.

I’m irritated at the frequency of never ending requirements of nutrients and liquids.

Such a seemingly consistant waste of time. These cells can’t possibly be this inefficient.

Next question.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

There is. Look in to my eyes and listen very closely to what I’m about to tell you.

1. Do, or do not. There is no try.

2. Grasp fully the difference between Believing and Understanding.

3. Understand the Law of Attraction.

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Boy shorts?

This interview is over.

I’m not giving the option to contact Theron like I have everyone else I have interviewed, because I’m pretty sure that he has no desire to talk to anyone. Also, he has guns. Lots of them. Now, before anyone gets all pissed off, go back and re-read what you think might have hurt your feelers. Then learn from it. Now, go be awesome.

Quershions with Kasi Daine

30 Mar

This series has been SO MUCH FUN, I almost can’t stand it. Seriously. I want to do cartwheels every time I receive an email with “Interview” in the subject line!! So far, we have gotten to see what’s going on behind the scenes in music with Matt Blake of WhiskeyBoy Radio, Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast, and Brian “Torch” Idell, of Torch Entertainment. (By the way, clicking on names leads back to the interview, and clicking on brands leads to their respective websites.)

Today’s behind-the-scenes look is with Casey Stuhlman of Dark Horse Images. She is a ROCK STAR with a camera, y’all. She does fantastical work and I always look forward to seeing her band promo shoots and her live images as well. I heart her hard core, and she is effing hilarious… So here goes. Read up and then go show her some love!!

This is Casey... And she says she has no super powers....

What first made you want to get involved with music and photography?

As cliche as it sounds, I think this is what I was born to do.  I’ve been a music lover my entire life.  I’ve been playing “Name the Artist” since I was 3 (not surprisingly, I was a lot better as a 3 year old).  I didn’t dig into photography until a few years ago, but I found that I loved it just as much as I did music… naturally, I wanted to marry the two… and make them have babies…and have those babies published for the world to see.  🙂

What was your first concert?

Weezer / No Doubt / Goldfinger – and you know how much I paid?!  $12!  Granted, that was 18 years ago… Holy crap!  That will make you feel old!

Best concert?

Dude, you would have to ask me this.  My mind is racing through the bands and I don’t even know where to start or stop.  Let’s go with Dillinger Escape Plan when they played at the Ridglea or at The Prophet Bar (isn’t that what it’s called now?)… but not when they played at Verizon.  They’re a band that needs to be taken in a small intimate room so you all can absorb every ounce of energy they put out… and trust me you will, and you will be blown away.

Worst concert?

Yeowzas…Hate to say this because they’re still one of my most favoritest bands in the whole wide world, but there was a really bad Deftones show somewhere there between 2004-2010 (I’ve been to their show 9+ times now and I never keep track).  I got to photograph them, though, last year when they came through on tour and they did NOT disappoint!!  Chino had his old school energy and he genuinely looked like he was having the best time of his life up there.  It kinda got me crushing on him again haha.

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands?

Obviously Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan… Mastodon, Misery Signals, Norma Jean, Turbid North, and Poison the Well (they were my #1 until they called it quit-skies)… honestly, those are just the ones I was running to this morning.  I love everything from old school lowrider oldies to american classics to funk to r&b to hip hop to electronic to doom to hardcore to metal… I could go on forever, and will, if you let me. (Katie Note: I LOVE that Turbid North is legitimately mainstream now!!!!)

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands?

Black Dutch Sioux / Black On High / Pothead Goat / Burn Down / Oh, Sleeper / Magnum Octopus…. OH and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be coming from Cyanide Crisis (in Kasi Daine talk, Cyanide Crisis is the love child of The Destro & Within Chaos… bands I used to watch every chance I had at the Ridglea)!

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

Used to sing until I dropped the F-Bomb during my duet at the Christmas choir concert in school… since then, my nerves are insta-shot the second I think of performing in front of others.  It’s something I’m working on currently (haha).  I was doing alright on the drums until the camera came along and I could really only conquer one.  Sadly, I never had the focus to bother learning the chords with the guitar, which is stupid.  I got the callouses for nothing.

How long have you been active in the local music scene?

I’ve been supporting local music since 2004.  Honestly, none of my friends listened to metal or punk or hardcore, so I didn’t want to go to shows by myself.  Finally, my husband’s best friend and his wife invited me to go to MetalFest at the Ridglea to go check out this band called Debri.  I fell in love with the scene instantly.

What prompted you to get involved in local music?

I really didn’t know how to help, other than by spreading the word, baking cookies for the bands (my cookies were the shizznit), buying merch, etc, until I found this photography skill.  When I found it, I wanted to put it to good use.  I started asking bands to let me take promo pics for cheap, or in some instances, for free.  I shot all shows for free.  I have so many friends that get up and rock out on that stage and they don’t pay their bills doing so… most of them have day jobs, or some have two jobs!  If I can use my skill and cut them a break, I want to do that.  It’s a thank you for being ballsy enough to put your music out there for the masses (including me) to enjoy.

What prompted you to start photographing bands?

The second I picked up the camera, I knew I wanted to do rock photography, moreso than any other subject… I mean I love the wedding photography (man, I LOOOOOVE weddings), as well as the families and pets (oh pets!) – but it’s a different feeling… and it’s not on the same connection as the rock photography.  I literally find myself lost in the moment when I’m editing a powerful shot… Like Turbid North for example… I’ve seen them so many times and photographed them so many times that when I am editing their stuff, I can hear “Stormblast” starting and I’ll start bobbing my head slowly and before you know it, I’ve got a little headbang action going.  It’s like that with every band I edit… it’s like re-living their set.

How many shows would you say you have seen?


Who has been your favorite band to work with to date?

Gah, really?!  Don’t make me pick!!  Seriously, all the bands I’ve worked with, I’ve kinda formed a bond with, and they’re all welcome at my home anytime!  But if I had to pick one, I’d have to say Turbid North… they really took a risk on me when they were working on getting signed and because of their rise, my work’s been published on a couple dozen places online, in a few newspapers, and then in Metal Hammer magazine in the UK.  But then again, the drummer from Black Dutch Sioux did let me move his living room outside… 🙂

Where do you see Dark Horse Images going in the next year? Five years?

In the next year I’m going to be building the brand.  I’ve operated as Kasi Daine, but to separate the weddings and the music business, I spawned Dark Horse Images.  The new site is currently in development, and I’m working on a super big cool project for 2012 (to be formally announced Septemberish).  Five years: I want Dark Horse to be a common name in the community.  I see myself getting super creative and building sets and really pulling off some dope shit and help some of these bands get to the level, visually, that mainstream bands are at with their fancy shmancy industry photo shoots.  🙂  I’m also looking to build a service offering for sponsorship photos for the bands in the area… Some of these guys are sending in photos with their gear using their phone.. which don’t get me wrong the iPhone can take some decent pics.. But if you’re an industry exec and you’re looking to spend your cash on someone, you’re more apt to spend it on someone who put forth the effort and a little extra cash because that means you’re serious.

What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW?

The Buddy System.  I used to be able to go out and see maybe two of the same bands and then a few new acts… but everyone got into this habit of having each other play together because, well, it’s hella fun to hang out and share the experience with your friends! However, so many bands should have been provided a chance to perform but weren’t even offered a spot on the bill because they’re not good enough friends with someone… and that’s pretty whack for the fans.  Why would I spend my hard-earned money paying to see the exact sets over and over again?  One of the best things about local music is finding these young kids who are fresh to the stage and helping them along and giving them the support.. but if they can’t get on the stage because your lame lesser talented friend is playing – well that kinda sucks!

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

The camaraderie.

Do you like sushi?

Fuck yea

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of seeing shows, taking photos, and editing?

I’m a nerd with a bit of social anxiety, so when I’m not shooting a band or a wedding or editing, I’m trying to relax and just spend time with the husband..We spend a lot of time being dorks video gaming lol… I get down with my Xbox Kinect – that Michael Jackson game is off the hook!

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???

April 6th is a shitty day for me because two of my favoritest local bands are playing in different metroplex cities.  Black Dutch Sioux will be tearing it up at The Ranch, while Black on High is having their first show with new guitarist Spenser Freeman.  Both killer shows, but entirely different vibes yanno… Either way, I gotta figure out how to be 2 places at once.  Then there’s also a special announcement coming about an upcoming 2 day music fest happening soon, and I’m geeked about that.  I have the worst memory for dates, but if you connect with me on FB, I’m always whoring out someone’s swag or show.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I wanna fly.  I’ve always wanted to.  And can you effin’ imagine if I could fly above the crowd to get shots?!  Possibilities are endless.   Links to your pages? My website is undergoing a facelift, but it’s My new work is at My old stuff is at

  Anything else you would like to tell us?

Hey bands – I like t-shirts!!  And I will pimp that shit for you!  Hook it up! 🙂

Check out Casey’s Work and Awesomeness Here:


NEW WORK on Facebook

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Casey!!!!!

Thank You, Jeff Rains

28 Mar

I already know that before anyone even reads this entire post, I am going to receive 9,487 messages and comments telling me to drop the RAINS thing.

Before I even start into what I actually have to say, let me get this out there. I challenge you to find anywhere that I have actually shared my side of the story, or even made anything but the most vague comments. I haven’t, so if you are going to be mad, then just stop reading now, because I am about to share my side of the story.

First of all, I have never even so much as spoken to Jeff Rains. In fact, the only interaction we have had was when I texted him the phone number for my attorney, who he rapidly found out was very, very real. The things that happened at the RAINS show at the Ranch were unfortunate, but at no point did I even come into contact with any of the actual band members. All of my interaction was with his management team. The entire situation was something that actually could have been worked out behind the scenes, but Mr. Rains opted to make personal attacks against me in comments he made on a website and also via twitter.

It would appear that his little feelers got hurt because an Internet Entertainment Mogul opted to very publicly state his opinions about the actual performance that RAINS attempted to make that night. THEN, on top of that, a very well-respected local Music Blogger shared his opinion that the show was certainly sub-par.

Because he seems to be unable to accept any kind of criticism, constructive or otherwise, Jeff Rains opted to lash out at me.


His management team and booking agent advised me that I would be blacklisted and would never be able to book another show.

He made a public statement that every local band on the show called me a “complete waste of human space.” That one might be my favorite, if for no other reason than every single one of those bands is working with me on future bookings.

Then he had the great idea to make angry statements about me in a public forum.

He referred to me as “tubby” via twitter, and at that point I knew he was out of things to say. Let me explain something to you, sweetheart, I have never been a small girl, and you aren’t breaking any news to anyone. In fact, all you are doing is announcing to the world that you hav e nothing else relevant to say.

Here’s the only relevant thing I have left to say:


Thank you for all the free publicity.

Thank you for prompting people and bands to approach me and show incredible support in wanting to work on my projects.

Thank you for making the line between what to do and what not to do in any given situation very, very clear.

Thank you for the free web traffic from your tween fans in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who have provided us with even more free publicity, although I would suggest that they spend more time studying and less time listening to your music, as the spelling and grammar in the responses we received was atrocious.

Thank you for showing us that auto-tune does have its place in the studio. Had it not been for your well-produced album, Matt Blake and Jordan Buford would have had no interest in you, they would not have been present at that show, and I would not have the honor and privilege to be booking and promoting Sawed-Off Productions shows with WhiskeyBoy Radio and The Music Enthusiast. Thanks to you, I have been granted the opportunity to work with two incredibly talented individuals, both of whom I am proud and honored to call my friends.

P.s… I hear several people are still waiting on an email detailing exactly how horrible I was to you personally and why I am a terrible person.

Let Me Axe You A Quershion: Torchy Edition

26 Mar

This is Torch. You can find him all over DFW, but most often in Deep Ellum.

So this is the third installment of my “Let Me Axe You a Quershion” series, which has become a lot more involved than I had originally anticipated, but that’s an awesome thing. I am really looking forward to some of the interviews I will be posting.

Today’s interview would have been posted last night, but I got sidetracked listening to WhiskeyBoy Radio’s Double Shot Podcast. This may be a shameless plug, but there is a VERY important announcement at the beginning of the show about a drummer we don’t love. So go listen. HERE.

Now that I have that out of the way, today’s interview is with Brian “Torch” Idell, of Torch Entertainment, based out of Dallas.  Check out his links listed at the bottom of the page, and check out some of the shows he has coming up. We at Sawed-Off Productions are definitely stoked about the Clepto show on April 13, and I am pretty sure you can find some of Clepto’s music listed on The Music Enthusiast’s blog. If you clicky those pretty words, it will take you right back to his posts.



What first made you want to get involved in music?

I dont remember anymore, I had been doing street team work for a few labels and unsigned bands and it basically just evolved from there



What was your first concert?

my actual first concert, no clue? The first i remember was a battle of the bands at Dreamworld Music Complex in Arlington in 02 – it was Element Eighty and Stillborn Nursery doin some battle of the bands show. That was intense


Best concert?

uhm I would have to say Opeth and Katatonia at Granada Theater a few months ago while Opeth was touring in support of their newest Album “Heritage” i think it was October 2011


Worst concert?

Good question, Ive been to so many that I’m not sure if there has been a “worst” one but I’ve seen my fair share of shitty concerts



Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands?

define “Mainstream” I listen to very few bands that are on the radio so it’s hard to say… if I had to name a few it would be Megadeth, Metallica, and Trivium, they all put on great shows



Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands?

oh wow there are so many to name. here is 5 – Redefine, Moving Atlas, Cold Bloom, Embrace The Embers, and Krash Rover



Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

Does singing in the shower count??



How long have you been active in the local music scene?

I would say about 6 years



What prompted you to get involved in local music?

I wanted to make a difference in the local scene, I was going to multiple local shows and felt that i could bring something to the table



What prompted you to get involved with booking, promo and management?

I thought I could do this and make money, damn i was wrong, haha… but seriously i started doing shows to make extra cash and help the scene and slowly realized what the scene needs is someone to help other bands with marketing their shows as I’ve seen too many shows where promo did not exist



How many shows would you say you have seen?

Hundreds at this point



Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Boy shorts?




What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone you didn’t like?

Uhm I cant remember, I try to not be vindictive so it’s hard to say



What was the best show you ever put together?

uhm this year I would say it was March 11 at Renos, it was a sunday night metal show, i brought out a touring band from Sweden called Bult and they tore it up on stage. Small crowd but tons of fun


The worst?

It was a few years ago, at Maximedia Studios or “The Max” Zak Weeks band, Black Tie Vendetta, Opium Symphony and Goodnight Goddess, huge venue but the numbers werent there which means i lost out big on the show



Where do you see Torch Entertainment going in the next year? Five years?

next year will hopefully bring more bands to the table for promotions and management, in 5 years i want to be doin a ton of national shows



What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW?

I want to see more bands helping each other out as far as paying to see them at shows… That and more venues being open to the idea of outside promoters booking shows in the venue



What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

no change is boring, I hope the scene changes every so often, i want to see new bands come out and some older bands do some random reunion shows


Do you like sushi?

I LOVE sushi



What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of booking and promotions?

What spare time??? If I’m not booking or promoting chances are I’m sleepin, or answering random interview questions instead of sleeping. Or watching bad horror movies. I also enjoy watching people.



Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???


April 6 at Renos Chop Shop Saloon Dallas, TX

With Swallow the Hook, Sincerely The Reaper, 1945, Devouring Plague, and Chemical Fingerprint,

Fri Apr 13 2012 8:00p Renos Chop Shop Saloon Dallas, TX

With DRY RUB, The Me-thinks, Clepto, China Kills Girls, and HORROR CULT Age Limit: 18+ Tickets: $10

Sat Apr 14 2012 8:00p  Renos Chop Shop Saloon Dallas, TX

With Red Shift, Triple SP, Like Bridges We Burn, and At Wars End Age Limit: 18+ Tickets: $10



Are you aware that sometimes you are absolutely hilarious?

Only when drunk



If you had a super power, what would it be?

To never run out of duct tape when promoting, that makes things so much easier


How did you first discover what a donkey show is?

through the power of television… that and Clerks 2 has one at the end of the movie



Links to all of your pages???




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